Mid-term evolution of Chronic Chagas disease patients hospitalized due to COVID-19


  • Zaidel EJ Sanatorio Güemes and Univeristy of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Segovia EF Sanatorio Güemes
  • Nuñez S Sanatorio Güemes
  • Palomino Romero LC Sanatorio Güemes
  • Caliva E Sanatorio Güemes
  • Arcos Alcívar JF Sanatorio Güemes
  • Perea J Sanatorio Güemes
  • Oliva MA Sanatorio Güemes
  • Gheco L Sanatorio Güemes
  • García Chamorro LG Sanatorio Güemes
  • Elfman M Sanatorio Güemes
  • Cestari HG
  • Villarreal RA Sanatorio Güemes
  • Sosa Liprandi MI Sanatorio Güemes
  • Sosa Liprandi A Sanatorio Güemes and Univeristy of Buenos Aires, Argentina




Chagas Disease, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, Pneumonia, Arrhythmias, Heart Failure, Trypanosoma Cruzi


This is the first report of mid-term evolution of patients with COVID-19 and Chagas Disease (CD). General characteristics, in-hospital evolution, and mid-term follow up of 12 consecutive patients at a single centre is described. A call for action is needed to screen for CD, especially in endemic areas, as the interaction of both diseases may lead to worse cardiac outcomes.


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