Chondrocutaneous compund graft to repair cicatrizal ectropion


  • Moretti EA Titular de la Cátedra de Anatomía Humana, Facultad de Medicina, UAI, sede Rosario
  • Ospina M
  • Cifuentes X
  • Falzone S
  • Camargo J
  • Peláez JM
  • Cortadi P
  • Lelli F
  • Márquez L


ectropion, eyelid disease, auricular cartilage, cicatrization, Conjunctiva


Lower eyelid ectropion is a complication that occasionally occurs as a consequence of local trauma or surgical resections when there is a skin deficit. This type of ectropion is called scarring and the eyelid behaves differently in relation to other areas of the body. The lower eyelid has a thin musculocutaneous anterior lamella and a posterior lamella composed of the tarsus and conjunctiva. Skin grafts placed in this area may have retraction and the lamella often do not have enough strength to prevent ectropion. That is why, for special cases, the use of the chondrocutaneous composite graft is very useful as it avoids skin retraction as much as possible and provides greater support by having cartilage at its base.

The present work suggests that the chondrocutaneous composite graft obtained from the auricular area is a very useful material for complex cases of scar ectropion of the lower eyelid.

Key words: ectropion, lower eyelid reconstruction, auricular chondrocutaneous graft




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